The Bullet Train is Bad Economics

The State visit of the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to India was historic. It marked the beginning of India's first leg of a High Speed Rail Network, or what in lay man terms, is called a dedicated corridor for a bullet train. There has been more than hoopla about the bullet train in all … Continue reading The Bullet Train is Bad Economics


The Order of Our Society Today

I recently attended a talk by P. Sainath, an eminent Indian journalist. The talk was titled, very interestingly, "Moral Economy of the Elite". Let me begin by saying, he mocked economist throughout his lecture. While doing so, he quoted Kenneth Boulding and said, "Anyone who believes in indefinite growth on a finite planet is either … Continue reading The Order of Our Society Today

Economic liberalism over societal liberalism?

The elevation of the NDA coalition to the Union Government in April 2014 was no surprise. The UPA-II faced extreme corruption charges along with anti-incumbency from the electorate. What Prime Minister Modi did correctly, and strikingly differently, was to run a presidential-style election campaign for the BJP whereas the Congress party was left faceless and … Continue reading Economic liberalism over societal liberalism?